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SEO have basically two types,one is White Hat or Ethical SEO and other is Black Hat or Unethical SEO.We will only discuss White Hat SEO which have Extra Ordinary worth while Black hat SEO gives us benefits for Short Period,But White Hat SEO has longterm benefits and it is always appreciated by search Engines and others.White Hat SEO includes two types,ON Page SEO,OFF Page SEO.Now we will discuss both of them with Details.First of all we will discuss Off Page SEO.Due to ease with which on-page factors can be manipulated search engines now place more weight on website called off-page factors.We are well aware about that Search Engine Optimization field is booming very fastly due to innovation in People about SEO.Being an SEO Professional,I always gives weight to the Off Page SEO because it is the most Popular for increasing page rank of webpage in search engine.I am going to show the advance features of Off Page SEO which are most helpful in In creasing the page rank of the website.1).Social Networking WebsitesWhile working on Off Page SEO,We must keep in mind that We must become the member of the most popular social networking websites,Which includes MySpace,Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter must have created our valid profile on these websites and community or friends.By doing this we can get help in promoting our webpage.2).BloggingThis is the most popular way to promote our webpage.We can write our own blog for free and we can share our data and information and Our UniQue content,we must keep in mind that the content,we are writing must Contain the Rich Content.3). Forum PostingsWe need to create an online forum board of our own and through this we can share different topics with our community or friends and we can also share your links in this forum.4).Search engine SubmissionWe can submit our website in most popular search engines like Google,MSN,Yahoo,Alexa, etc.5).Directory SubmissionSubmit your website in to different most popular directories like DMOZ,Yahoo,One Mission and many more.some of them are paid o some of them are free and some of them are Reciprocal.6). Social BookmarkingSocial Media is the on of the most popular and powerful way for Promoting Our Webpage which is based on how effectively we are sharing our webpage on social media.Do some social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and many more.7).Link ExchangeWe can exchange links with some service related websites that can increase popularity of your link in different Search engines.And we must Beware of Black Hat.8).Link Baitingif we have visited and copied the data of any Others website then we must share his link in our content of our webpage.We can do it for other and let others be done it for you.9).Cross LinkingWe can link our internal pages of our site,this increase our link popularity of our internal links of website.10).Photo SharingWe can publish photos of our products and pictures of our website to let others see that content.Do this in major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc.11).Video PromotionsJust like Photo Sharing,we can also share and publish our videos,reviews of our website on YouTube,Meta Cafe,Daily Motion and many more.12).Articles SubmissionWe can write articles about our website or webpages and we can submits these articles on different websites and we can also share our links on it.which increase popularity of our links.Now we will discuss On Page SEO,On Page SEO is a Best Technique for increasing the rank of a webpage,it simply refers to the simple text On the Website,We Edit our page content in such a way that Search Engine can find our website and Index our content,While On Page SEO,our content much be Rich and it has Good Quality Keywords and Meta tags etc.1).Elements Of On Page SEO:On Page Elements are those which use html tags Remaining on the Website,We must include tags,Italic Tags,BOLD tags,Tittle Tags On our Webpage.2).Unique Tittle TagsTittle is the most important Factor for increasing the webpage rank and its traffic and its visibility in search engine,we need to use Different Keywords in Tittle which are very helpful in search engine visibility.3).Unique And Rich ContentWhile Performing On Page SEO on Our Website,we must have Rich and Unique Content,which is Best For the Website to get a good rank in search engine,Our Content must according to the Demands Of Search Engine Crawlers.4).Rich and High Quality KeywordsContent of our webpage must have high quality and related Keywords which are most essentials for Search engine visibility,these keywords are searched by the audience and we Get More customers through this content and Content must be Rich and Unique.Make Sure that our website must have different label with Different Headers on our Web Pages.Our webpage URL must be SEO Friendly and links on your site must be complete and also use Descriptive URL for images.